Are your products manufactured completely to my wishes?

Yes, you can specify whether you require more holes, if spikes should also be in the tube or not, etc. We can manufacture anything you can imagine.

How I measure the length of the CB?
Length: One measures the complete length of the penis (from the base up to penis head) in the flaccid state to get the overall length of the CB with ring (see c) in the sketches further below). You can add a few millimetres extra for some free space.

A-ring diameter: You measure with string behind the testicles and draw these easily tightly. Then you measure the length of the string and divide the number by 3.14 to find the diameter of the ring (.b).

a) Tube diameter

goes by the diameter of the penis in the flaccid state


b) A-Ring diameter

c) Length of the cb inclusive ring

d) distance between tube and ring 15mm (0.591inch) below

e) upper distance  5mm (0.197inch)