Warning Notice

We would like to point out that all of the delivered products may only be used for the purpose intended so as to exclude endangering your body and health. Please observe unconditionally the enclosed instructions for use!

Our products must be used within the presence of another person. Products may only be used on another person with their express consent and not against their will.

Please consult a physician before deciding on our products, in particular in the case of tissue inflammation, skin or yeast infection, inflammation, or heart or circulatory disease.

When using our products, please ensure sufficient manoeuvrability in the genital area and on other parts of the body. Ensure that every type of constriction is avoided when wearing the products, so that blood can constantly circulate.   

For hygienic reasons and to avoided damaging your health, Dietmar Posledni/steelworxx recommends cleaning every day the products that are worn. Otherwise there is an increased risk of damaging your body, particularly with tightly fitting products.

Unauthorised altering or modifying of the products can also lead to increased endangerment to your body and health.

Dietmar Posledni/steelworxx and his employees are in no way liable for damage to body, health or otherwise, through improper use of the product. Use of our products is at your own risk. The regulations of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected.

Out products are not toys and are not suitable for children and minors. We expressly remind you that giving our products to children and minors, and the use of our products by/on children and minors is prohibited.